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Bed bug inspections are our specialty. Working with canines is a passion shared by the trainers at Detection Dogs New England. With years of experience in narcotics detection as well as bomb sniffing in the military, pest service may seem like an unlikely path for this team of highly trained professionals. While this new field of detection services might seem a bit strange, the underlying mission is the same: helping to keep people safe. This passion is completely in line with their previous services performed with their compassionate 4 legged friends.

Today, world travel is easier than ever and bed bugs are a bigger problem than before. (Some have called it an epidemic!) With the growing need for bed bug detection, Detection Dogs New England was formed with Sport, the first dog on the DDNE team. Sport is the cornerstone of the Detection Dogs New England Team, and has been sniffing out bed bugs for over 5 years.

Each year, the Detection Dogs New England Team inspects thousands of apartments, condos, and hotel rooms, as well as libraries, prisons, kid camps, firehouses, private homes, and more.



We offer bed bug detection service to all New England states: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. We have emergency services available in most areas, and 24 hour, RAPID RESPONSE service to the Greater Boston area.

Anthony Silva


Anthony has handled and trained detection dogs since 2006. He graduated from Vohne Liche Kennels of Denver, Indiana in 2009.

Upon graduation, Anthony handled bomb sniffing dogs for a private security firm under contract with the United States Navy. This work afforded him the opportunity to work and train bomb sniffing dogs for NATO/ISAF in Kandahar and Kabul, Afghanistan.

After returning home in 2011, Anthony worked for Modern Pest Services, based in Brunswick Maine. During this time, K9 “Sport” was acquired and they began working together. Anthony and Sport have been a powerhouse team ever since. Together, they perform bed bug inspections in thousands of homes, apartments, hotel rooms (and more) each year!

Tom Pacheco

Lead K9 Handler

Tom is a United States Air Force Veteran, and a retired Sergeant of 20 years from a Massachusetts Law Enforcement Agency. Ex is his Australian Cattle Dog.

Tom began training Ex in scent detection in 2012, when he was just 6 months old. They quickly developed into a skilled team. Tom and Ex maintain the highest levels of proficiency in detection training by employing the same methods used by the U.S. military and most police departments.

Tom and Ex have had the privilege to train under, and work with some very talented and knowledgeable people in the K9 handling community who have helped them reach the level that they are at today.

Nick Kopf

K9 Handler


Kevin Verga

K9 Handler



We ensure our K9s maintain the highest level of proficiency through regular training.



We deliver discreet, fast, professional bed bug inspections for your home or business.


Our team has the knowledge and experience to detect bed bugs in any environment.


We are there when you need us; with on time, dependable pest detection services.

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