Veteran Nose
Sport has been sniffing out bed bugs since 2011 and has been publicized in various media publications over the past several years, such as Bridge Cape Ann, Pet Life Radio, and the Bangor Daily News.

  • Foxhound 50%
  • Beagle 50%


Professional Nose
Ex has been performing detection work since 2012. He is a highly skilled and smart detection dog. Detection Dogs New England is proud to have Ex as part of the bed bug sniffing team.

  • Australian Cattledog 100%


Feisty Lady
Penny was acquired from Ultra Safe Pest in 2014, and has been part of the Detection Dogs family ever since. She is an energetic addition to our team.


Nose in training
Groot is still in training! Check back for updates on this enthusiastic puppy learner.

  • Irish Jack Russell Terrier 100%
  • Belgian Malinois 100%

Think there are bugs in that bed?

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