Business buys beagle to battle bedbugs

Wickenheiser, Matt. “Brunswick business buys beagle to battle bedbugs” Bangor Daily News.
Posted May 24, 2011, at 11:10 a.m, Re-Posted Dec. 29, 2015

“Find your B’s,” says Anthony Silva to Sherlock, a young beagle he’s leading through a home they’re inspecting.

Silva and Sherlock aren’t looking for drugs, explosives or other things normally associated with dog searches. Rather, the “B’s” they’re sniffing out are bedbugs.

As Sherlock scans the living room, he stops and scratches at a couch cushion, alerting on the scent of the pervasive parasite. Upstairs, in a bedroom, he hits on the edge of a mattress, too.

There’s bedbugs upstairs and down.

Luckily, Silva and Sherlock are on a training run, in the home of a fellow employee with Brunswick-based Modern Pest Services. The B’s Sherlock hit on were in vials that Silva had planted earlier.

Modern Pest Services, which has offices in Bangor, Augusta, Westbrook, Manchester, N.H., and Woburn, Mass., brought Silva and Sherlock on board earlier this month. The company spent roughly $15,000 on the dog and training for both canine and human. Read More